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Here at Battlefield we like to be known as a friendly church reaching out to the community. We are a small church with the desire to first grow spiritually in our knowledge of the Lord and to grow numerically with a group of people who’s desire is to worship the Lord.

We seek to minister to the people of the surrounding community and to also worship and fellowship with other community churches.

Our goal is to train God’s people to become disciples of Jesus Christ who will humbly follow Him and who are eager to do what is good in His name.

We are all created to glorify the Lord and edify His people. So we humbly ask that you might consider visiting us at Battlefield while we join the Lord in His directive to make disciples of all people. If we allow the Great Shepherd Jesus Christ to lead us and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to work in us, we cannot fail to advance the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. So again I ask you to please come join us as we participate in walking with the Lord.